Cycle Host

CycleHost software makes it easy to:

Cycle Host Features

CycleHost software makes it easy to:

  • Quality control flagging of data that is backwards compatible with any past data collected with the Cycle-PO4
  • Configure any Cycle settings, schedule Cycle sampling, or integrate it with a data logger.
  • Configure Cycle using the deployment wizard.
  • Control the PO4 concentration units.
  • Track reagent usage.
  • Control on-board standardization.
  • - Graphically plot and interact with processed and/or raw Cycle data in real time or via file playback.
  • - Generate deployment reports of configuration/settings used.
  • - Manage files and offload data.
  • - Access terminal-like command line control.

Please see the release notes for a complete list of features and improvements and refer to the HydroCycle User Manual for more information.

Cycle Host 1.08

  • Control of output concentration units and autoconversion
  • Faster file offload and better management,


Cycle Host 1.0.8

May 12, 2016 for Windows XP/Vista/7
Technical Note

Technical Note: Cycle PO4 Updates to Host Software (1.08) and Firmware (1.06)

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Technical-Note-Cycle PO4 Updates to Host Software 1.08 and Firmware 1.06.pdf