Return Packing Requirements

1. Please retain the original shipping materials. We design the shipping container to meet stringent shipping and insurance requirements, and to keep your meter functional.

2. To avoid additional repackaging charges, use the original box (or WET Labs-approved container) with its custom-cut packing foam and anti-static bag to return the instrument. If using alternative container, use at least 2 in. (5 cm) of foam (NOT bubble wrap or Styrofoam “peanuts”) to fully surround the instrument.Minimum repacking charges:

ECOs, WETStar: $25.00

DH-4, VSF3: $50.00

C-Rover, battery pack: $90.00

C-Star: $120.00

ac meters, SAFire: $240.00

3. Clearly mark the RMA number on the outside of your shipping container and on all packing lists.

4. Return instruments using 3rd day air shipping or better: do NOT ship via ground.