Research Team

All WET Labs products and services are backed by cutting edge research and development. We provide the technology and expertise to meet the acquatic sciences needs of the 21st century.

Andrew Barnard, Ph.D., is Chief Technology Office for Sea-Bird Scientific. His background and interests are in physical/biological interactions in the euphotic zone, coastal ocean observing systems, inherent optical properties and relationships to biogeochemical variability, remote sensing, radiative transfer, interactions between the oceanic and terrestrial environments.

Corey Koch, Ph.D., Research Associate, has a background in analytical chemistry with a focus on in-situ sensor development, miniaturization, and environmental chemistry. His interests lie in biogeochemistry, oil spill science & sensors, fate and transport of pollutants, microfluidics, reagent chemistry, spectroscopy, and instrument design.

Cristina Orrico, Engineering Manager and Senior Research Associate, received her B.S. from Rutgers University and M.S. in Biological Sciences from California Polytechnic State University. Her research interests are in biological oceanography, focused on bioluminescence, phytoplankton ecology, phytoplankton physiology, and the design of novel optical and biogeochemical instrumentation to investigate the community composition in optically complex coastal waters.

Ron Zaneveld, Ph.D., Consulting Scientist and co-founder of WET Labs, Inc., received his B.S. in Physics from Old Dominion University, M.S. in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Ph.D in Oceanography from Oregon State Univeristy. His research and background is in the theory of radiative transfer, visibility, relationship of inherent and apparent optical properties, relationship of particle characteristics, and design of optical instrumentation.