J. Ronald V. Zaneveld


B.S.Old Dominion University (Physics)1964
M.S.Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Physics)1966
Ph.D.Oregon State University (Oceanography)1971


Teaching and Research Assistant, Old Dominion University1962–64
Teaching Assistant, Massachusetts Institute of Technology1965–66
Graduate Research Assistant, Oregon State University1966–71
Research Associate, Oregon State University1971–77
Associate Professor (Senior Research), Oregon State University1977–79
Associate Professor, Oregon State University1979–82
Professor, Oregon State University1982–2000
Professor Emeritus, Oregon State University2000–present
Director of Research, WET Labs2000–present

Current Work Description:
Professor Emeritus, Optical Oceanography Group, Oregon State University; Director of Research, Western Environmental Technology Laboratories.

Research in the theory of radiative transfer, visibility, relationship of inherent and apparent optical properties, relationship of particle and optical characteristics, design of optical instrumentation.

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