Instrument Service

Contact WET Labs for an RMA.

A Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) lets us know what instruments are coming in and gives us the opportunity to:
  • Determine the problems/symptoms (if any) you have experienced with the instrument.
  • Discuss what service your instrument needs.
  • Get current shipping and PO or billing information.
  • Give you an estimate of the cost of the service.
If additional repairs are required we will contact you with a quote. We require a PO for standard service when we issue an RMA.  To obtain an RMA email:
We cannot accept instruments for servicing or repair that are treated with anti-fouling compounds. This includes, but is not limited to tri-butyl tin (TBT), marine anti-fouling paint, ablative coatings, etc. Please ensure any anti-fouling treatment has been removed prior to returning instruments to WET Labs for service or repair.
Clearly write the RMA number on the waybill and Service Request Form (provided with the RMA). 
Ship to: 620 Applegate St. Philomath, OR 97370
Ship instrument in the original box or WET Labs-approved packaging. Ask us if you have any questions about our shipping requirements. WET Labs is not responsible for customs fees, taxes, duties or other fees levied as a result of improper labeling or documentation. We will add any such fees to our invoice, or bill separately on warranty repairs. 
ECO meters: Please make sure to return the instrument with the protective cap attached. Instruments returned without protective caps cannot be shipped back to you without a new protective cap, for which you will be charged. 
Non-U.S. customers:
  •  The declared value must be less than or equal to $10,000 for duty-free entry. 
  •  Mark "return to manufacturer for repair " in large letters in several places on the outside of your shipping container. 
  •  On all forms that request the country of origin, write “U.S.A.,” not the country from which the instrument is being shipped. Write “country of origin: USA” clearly on the outside of your shipping container. For best service when receiving instruments from WET Labs, please specify:
                       Preferred carrier and/or account number
                       Desired service level (shipping preferences)
                       Insurance coverage details—enclose insurance documentation
                       Harmonized code ("marks") for customs.
The instrument will go directly to our Service Department. You will be contacted in the rare case that additional repair work is needed. Your Purchase Order/payment information should be received upon arrival of the instrument.
We will notify you when your instrument arrives at WET Labs.
When the instrument passes all factory tests we will ship it to the address given on the Service Request Form.