Cristina M. Orrico

Senior Research Associate and Research Project Manager, WET Labs Inc.
Philomath, OR 97370
Phone: (541) 929-5650 x 46 E-mail:

2002 M.A. Biological Science, California Polytechnic State University
Thesis: In-Situ classification of phytoplankton in optically complex coastal waters. 

1998 B.A. Biological Science & Marine Science, Rutgers University, New Jersey
Thesis: Ultraviolet light-induced suppressions in the photosynthetic activity in Thalassiosira pseudonanna:

monochromatic action spectra for photosystem II quantum yields. 

2006–present: Senior Research Associate & Research Project Manager, WET Labs Inc., Philomath, Oregon 
2003–present: Assistant Research Specialist III, University California Santa Barbara 
2000–2002: Research Assistant, California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo 
2001–2002 Teaching Assistant: Phycology & Marine Biology labs, San Luis Obispo
1999 Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Laboratory Manager 
1998 Rutgers University Field Marine Station Technician 
1997 Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Fellow & Henry Rutgers Scholar

2006: Penobscot River & Gulf of Maine Ocean Observing System (ONR, NASA-IDS)
2003: Adaptive Ocean Sampling Network & SPOKES projects, MBARI (ONR)
1997–2001: Long-term Ecosystem Observatory, Rutgers University (ONR, NOPP)

1997 R/V Caleta
1998 R/V Northstar-5
1999–2001 R/V Walford
2000 R/V Endeavor
2003 R/V Pt. Sur , R/V Shana Rae
2006–2008 R/V Argo Maine

Ocean-Optical Instrumentation: ac-9, ac-s, MODAPS, DH4, ECO, Hydrorad-3, a-Beta, c-Beta Hydroscatt-6, OCR507, OCR504, TSRB, LISST, FSI & Sea-Bird CTDs, MBBP G2 & G3, U-BAT

Laboratory Instrumentation: PAM fluorometer, spectrophotometer, spectrofluorometer, UV-Monochrometer, Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometry

Biotechnology: Western and Immunoblotting, radioisotopes, scintillation counter

Software: Matlab, Visual Basic, Fortner Transform, Minitab, S-Plus, WL Host, WAP

PADI Open Water, HAZMAT training (1999)

2002 Academic Distinction, California Poly Technique University , San Luis Obispo , CA
2001 UNOCAL Scholarship, California Poly Technique University , San Luis Obispo , CA
2000 Applegarth Scholarship , California Poly Technique University, San Luis Obispo , CA
1998 Henry Rutgers Scholar, Rutgers University
1997 Rutgers University Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Fellow, Rutgers University

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