Corey Koch

Research Scientist, WET Labs Inc.
Philomath, OR 97370
Phone: (541) 929-5650 x 53

Water quality monitoring, colorimetric nutrient methodology, nutrient dynamics, estuarine science, in-situ/portable instrument development, analytical method development, quality assurance, fluid dynamics, microfluidics, microfabrication. Analytical chemistry, nutrient analyzer design, chemistry, ammonium sensor development. 

Ph.D. Analytical and Environmental Chemistry, Oregon State University, 2009.
Thesis: “A Compact Micro-Total-Analysis System for In-Situ Spectrophotometric Water Quality Monitoring.” Advisors: Drs. Jim Ingle and Vincent Remcho

B.S. Chemistry, Truman State University, 2004.

Teams: Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction (CMOP), RECYCLE, Bleach Injection System (BLIS), Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory (LOBO)

• In-situ ortho-phosphate measurements
• Yaquina Bay Oregon nutrient dynamics
• Development of in-situ ammonium instrumentation
• Monitoring iron in groundwater with microfluidic chip-based in-situ instrumentation

2009–present: Post-doctoral researcher, WET Labs, Inc.
2008-2009: Intern, WET Labs Inc., nutrient colorimetry in remote instruments
2005–2009: Academic Lab Manager, Oregon State University
2006–2008: Facilities Manager, Oregon State University
2003–2004: Water Quality Monitoring Volunteer, Missouri Stream Team
2002: Intern, Fuchs Lubricants Kansas City Quality Control Lab