Cycle-PO4 Filter Fit Issue and Solution

The filters for the Cycle-PO4 may no longer fit in the Cycle filter holders. A slight increase in filter width makes it such that the fit when pressing filters into the holders is either extremely tight or the filter will not fit. Because filters can come from our supplier within a range of tolerance, some filters may fit while others do not.

Our Engineers have designed a new filter holder that can accommodate all sizes of filter width tolerance. The gap that is currently present between the filters and holders may get slightly larger, but the flow is still pulled through the copper screens and the set screw will hold the filter in place.

We will provide new filter holders to Cycle-PO4 users free-of-charge. We are endeavoring to distribute holders before larger sized filters become an issue for users. To do this, we ask that you confirm you are the end-user to send the new holders to, such that we don’t end up sending filters to the wrong place, such as a purchaser.

You can tell  new holders by the markings “Rev. A” or “Rev. B” on the front of the holder. Old-style holders have no marking. Holders are changed by the procedure detailed in the User Manual section 7.6 Change sensor filters. Please check your holders and test if the filters fit before contacting support.

If you are affected before you get new filter holders, by finding your filters will not fit in the holders, please contac to schedule shipment of new holders.

If you are ordering reagents or scheduling a shipment on a reagent contract and have not yet received new filter holders, ensure that you include “I need new filter holders for Cycle-PO4 serial number(s): ###” with your correspondence to

If you have already received new filter holders or have holders marked “Rev. A” or “Rev. B” please disregard this message.