Connector Material Issue and Replacement Plan

The products Cycle-PO4, WQM, and HydroCAT with serial number ranges outlined in the table below have electrical bulkhead connectors potentially affected by a change in material by our supplier. The failure mode includes corrosion and weakening of the pins, especially the power pin, which may result in pins breaking and getting stuck inside cables (failure will not cause flooding). Failure is most frequently seen in units in shallow/warm water that are connected to external power.


If your sensor is in the affected range, please see the attached photos of “affected” and “OK”connectors. If you think your connector is affected, contact to schedule replacement of your connector. Sensors are currently being built with validated connectors that are unaffected by the issue; the supplier has discontinued use of the material.

•Please note that sensors sent in will only have connectors replaced and will not receive standard evaluation or service. If your sensor needs service, please ensure this is noted on the RMA.
•We will absorb the cost of shipping the sensor (both ways).
•Note that Sea-Bird will absorb the cost of replacing the connectors for all sensors received before November 1st 2016.
•If a cable is damaged by a connector (i.e. a broken pin gets stuck in a socket) we will also cover cable repair cost (before November 1st 2016).


Table of Affected Sensors and Serial Numbers


Serial Number Range


30003-30076, 50000-50005


190 - 334


1027 - 1054


1001, 1006-1015, 1022,1023, 1026, 1028, 1033-1035, 1044




**some of sensors serviced from 9/2013 to 9/2015 could be affected and visual inspection will be required.